The best thing about traveling is all the beautiful people you meet along the way. Just go and meet those inspiring souls.


During our travels we were lucky enough to meet a few inspiring people. Walking through the San Pedros streets in Guatemala we have found Theo and Leslie. Two inspiring guys behind Bolso Bags with a great business model that can equally give back to the local community while producing high quality leather products.

Bolso came about after Theo quit his job in finance in NYC and took some time out to travel through Central America.

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Sometimes in life you meet people that instantly catch your attention and you immediately ride the same wave. Meeting Hanna was an educational inspiring boom. She has changed my opinion and my way of thinking in so many ways in just 6 short days! Hanna is a traveller, amazing cook, great singer and food blogger who’s focused on using leftovers and minimising food waste and a person I’ve learnt a lot from and now my dear friend!
1.Food waste and using leftovers.
Hanna’s amazing blog is like a bible, a must read for everyone. Specializing in food waste, vegan recipes with a hint of German humour 😝
2. Hitchhiking.
To hitch for me has always been a Tabu and considered a dangerous thing to do. The stories Hanna has and the people she’s met from hitching around Europe and Canada and her recommendations made us keen to try it. And guess what?
I can’t believe I haven’t tried this earlier. The amount of generous, friendly and interesting people we’ve met is unbelievable.
3. Baking bread and courage.
Honestly I failed. Not one, not twice, I even broke a spatula trying to remove bread that was stuck to a tray.
But it’s all about trying, learning, feeling and making new things over and over again in order to succeed as Hanna says. My bread is not perfect yet but I have courage and confidence to keep going.


Strangely, some of the most memorable times in life are when the unexpected happens, things don’t go to plan, or you have to do shitty jobs. Those are the stories that get told over and over again and make you laugh out loud. Julien and I bonded quickly over the disposal of human shit, we laughed together as we dealt with buckets from the outhouse and although I’ll never forget the first time I saw Orcas and grizzly bears I’m sure this will also be a memorable moment in my travels. Julien approached everything with that same positive humorous attitude, he is a very inspiring guy that enjoys life and is a joy to be around. He shared many stories of his travels, Orca encounters, living in London and New Zealand, traditional music and dancing in France, working on an oyster farm in Canada and a thousand other random topics he was knowledgable about. He already has a lifetime of experiences and the wisdom of someone years older but he is still always talking about that next possible adventure or a different place to live and experience.


“Tell me more about your life” was a question Peggy absolutely got me with. This question wasn’t just being courteous, it was asked honestly and Peggy was willing to listen and listen. When I first met Peggy it was just before her 80th birthday, I couldn’t believe not only her physical strength but her open mindness, vitality, joy of life and generosity. I could have listen to her travel stories for hours, like backpacking in 1958 across Europe, traveling in a campervan across Africa and the Middle East, and hitching and riding bicycles in her 70’s in Vietnam. In her 80th birthday speech Peggy shared the simple piece of her life’s wisdom that was to be nice to other people and they will return the favour.
Peggy is truly a legend.


The night I first met both girls was the night I honestly laughed my head off. It wasn’t a night of telling jokes or funny stories, it was Linda’s and Hélène’s charisma which brightened up our dinner.
Linda & Hélène have different personalities but they share the same wild souls. I could instantly see what great friends they are and was blown away by their active lifestyle, love for adventure, open mindedness, wisdom and generosity.
My very special friends. Thank you.