La Punta love. Puerto Escondido’s little sis.

Sunset in La Punta, Puerto Escondido

“We are going to Puerto Escondido yeeew! That’s how excited we were to experience this surfy town. And it was also like an oasis in the desert after getting food poisoning in San Cristobal and a 14 hour bus ride across the country. But we made it without vomiting all over the bus and landed in a little beach village La Punta.

Puerto Escondido is a surfers’ heaven, and well known with surfers all around the world. But it’s little sister, La Punta, still feels like an undiscovered beach paradise, where no one needs shoes or shirts and your daily problem consists of what time to go surfing or what healthy snack to buy from the amazing food store Meringa.

Sandy streets, palm trees hugging little beach shacks selling tacos and surfers walking up and down the 200m long downtown. And that’s it. The main little big hub.

Spending over 3 weeks here were like a balm on our souls. Awaken by the waves together with barking dogs 🙂

La Punta wasn’t only magic because of it’s character but the people we met here. For the first time in our travels we experienced Spanish in its full strength. Suddenly, there weren’t only American, Aussies, Canadian and European travellers that always speak English. There were people from different corners of Latin America and people who don’t speak English at all. Another reason to practice more and more Spanish and get to know other travel minded souls. And we did meet beautiful people.

There’s was Ale from Venezuela, an amazing surfer (I think he is undercover Pro) and vegetarian cook who thought us so much about cooking in such a short period.

Javier, cool Mexican dude, so smart and so funny. Carla, super calm little Mex chica who was so polite and patient to teach me new words. Xavi, Spanish dude, super funny – that comedian guy who does it so naturally. Jenna, yogi girl with a super talent of speaking just about every language in the world I think. Kristina and Clegs, Aussie couple, our partners for drinking and taco eating. And The Daniels (two Germans ) with a Mexican dog, my love Madero. What a bunch. Miss you all.

Mazunte beach

Our top picks of things to do in La Punta

1. SURF, of course.

Plenty of opportunities for beginners or advanced surfers. From La Punta to Puerto town.

Surfing La punta, Puerto Escondido


The cheapest and the most delicIous food so far in our travels was in La Punta. Definitely a must visit place for the best fish tacos is a little family run restaurant AMOKI. You can live off it for weeks.

Guacamole at Playa Carrizalillo

Avocados are everywhere in Mexico. I think our blood runs on it. Weather you buy your own (super cheap) or order at any restaurant, you will definitely have the best Guacamole every time.


365 days of great sunsets deserve an applause after every session. The beach is a lively meeting point for tourists and locals every afternoon to see this beauty.


Every Wednesday night Hotel Villasol runs a free movie session on the beach. Bring your blanket or come down early enough to grab a chair. Be sure to take your own alcohol and food because the hotel drinks are expensive and the pizza and snacks are terrible.

Cinema on the beach, Puerto Escondido


South from La Punta beach, hidden behind the rocky headland is an amazing empty few km’s of pure white beach. Wait for the low tide to clear your path trough the little cave or climb over the hills at any time of the day. You can easily walk all the way to a river mouth, which is a great spot for surfing and maybe spot a crocodile.

In Puerto town, check out Playa Carrizalillo and Manzanillo.

If you’re up for a day trip, visit Mazunte. Hour and half drive south from La Punta, visit great beaches with a hippie vibe, yoga studios and good restaurants. Our recommendation is Playa Zipolite, a nude beach with a great little restaurant, we went for lunch and stayed until sunset.

Zipolite beach, Mazunte


Most of the time La Punta is a very quiet little town, though every weekend in La Punta you can find big electro & reggae parties in either abandoned house or at the beach. Just mingle with locals and you will hear about it in time.

Playa Zicatela has plenty of bars to choose from. For a nice afternoon session head over to the bar Palapita, right on the beach. Everyday there is amazing happy hour where Pina Colada refill will cost you 20 pesos (USD $1).

Australia Day day sesh with cricket in La Punta


Not tequila, Mezcal is the drink of Oaxaca. In La Punta’s little tienda (grocery store) look for simple bottles with white and dark colour. It is Mezcal with coconut milk or coffee flavour. So good.


Eating healthy does not equal being expensive in La Punta. Amazing little store Moringa offers great products from local bread, organic fruit & veg, but also natural cosmetics and amazing healthy snacks.

Spirulina smoothie by Zuzijuice from Moringa store

Where to stay in La Punta?

We were lucky enough to be volunteering at the hostel Frutas y Verduras hostel. For the volunteering opportunities check the website

Otherwise stay here. Beautiful little hostel/guest house with amazing pool and great cafe.

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