Eating like a Whistler local

Whistler is without any doubt a well know tourist destination all year long. Spending over a week we’ve met so many different nationalities, working, living or just visiting. Us of course being from overseas we belong in this category. But what about the locals? That’s what we were trying to find out our past week by searching for and experiencing local eateries with a focus on what we love most; Good coffee, craft beer and nice treats to eat.


To find a good coffee shop in North America can be a challenge, happily we found two in Whistler.

Mount Curry Coffee located in the Village and also in Pemberton. Smooth, aromatic, creamy coffee with their own production in Pemberton. Both Cafes sell the beans for home use with knowledgable staff to explain the different blends. All the pastries and sandwiches are made in house with local produce, organic and hormone free ingredients. We loved the vegan muffins.

Mount Curry Coffee

Pure Bread

Our interest in this place came from seeing people queuing all the way out the door of the shop. Once we entered we were in pastry Disneyland. The variety of breads, cakes and savoury treats is enormous. Our very hard decision fell to the delicious looking pumpkin cake with vanilla lemon icing and cappuccino. The Coffee was strong and creamy and the cake was just perfect. All the production is done in-house, you can see the kitchen from the cafe.

Pure Bread

Alpine Cafe

This little place was our very first venue we visited while staying in Whistler and we happily returned for the second time. Located in Alpine Meadows, just 10 minutes bus ride from the Village. Super friendly staff and great vibe. You can constantly feel you are a part of the community with the buzz of people coming and going. The Cafe serves nice coffee and most importantly all day breakfast and has a fire outside to keep you warm.


No matter if you are hungry for a breakfast, lunch or dinner Peaked Pies is the way to go. Located just next door from Mount Curry Coffee shop and open everyday until 9pm. Truly homemade pies bring you the real Australian meat pie experience. For another level add the “peaked” – mashed potato, mushy green peas and gravy. Heaven! If you feel like something sweet afterwards, do not leave, Peak pies have also the sweet version, berry, apple and few selection of typical Aussies pastries.

El Furniture Warehouse

We passed this bar a few times during our stay in Whistler and constantly felt like this is our sort of place. Sometimes you can feel the vibe instantly. What we didn’t know was that El Furny has $4.95 meals all day long. We thought that a $4.95 deal would give us a small appetiser but the portions are big, and really tasty. We ordered a veggie burger which was good and comes with your choice of side or you can upgrade to poutine for just $1.95, of course we went for the truly Canadian experience. And we topped it with an order of yam fries with house made Macho sauce, which is their version of spicy aioli. Alongside a few of their craft beer options, Very nice.

Whistler Brewery

We couldn’t leave without visiting the craft part of Whistler. Whistler Brewery is located outside of the Village in Function Junction. Its spacious, with wooden benches and a couch facing the fireplace. The first thing we noticed was a good selection of music and secondly, super nice staff. Being two of us and 8 beers on a tap we decided to go for 2 flights and try all of them. $10.50 for a flight with 4 different craft beers is a pretty good deal. They brew some specials according to the season and our favourite was definitely Chestnut Ale. Aromatic, strong flavour, it was like drinking alcoholic caramel candy. The place offers quite a few selections of food so you won’t be hungry after tasting.


La Cantina

We are in love with Mexican food so seeing this place in the Village was instantly on our list. Surprisingly though, you won’t find here any nachos or guacamole.

Small Tacos are sold for $3.50each which meant we could taste a few different one. We went for tuna – amazing, fish – very good and nothing like typical deep fried fish and a veggie one – pepper, mushroom, corn, zucchini with creamy sauce and feta. Wow! Another tacos level. As well as a classic slow cooked beef burrito also topped with cream and feta cheese. The Drink menu has a nice selection, the typical Mexican beers such as Modelo and Corona to Whistler Brewery beers or nice Margaritas just for $8.